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Barbie Girl world games - Maiden games for every day

Barbie Girl world games

Barbie Dolls of The World - Fun Games & Activities for Girls  December 21, 2012 – 01:03 pm
Barbie Girls MMO Virtual World - MMOABC

Welcome to Barbie: Dolls of the World! Travel around the world and meet the a-mazing dolls of Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Holland, Mexico, India and Ireland. Earn stamps for your passport by visiting each country, playing pink-tastic games and collecting glam-tastic printable coloring pages and paper dolls. Once you earn all the passport stamps, you can unlock a fab prize! Learn how to say "Hello" in each country, read fun facts and enjoy doll-lightful international activities!

Barbie: Dolls of the World features an interactive map, as well as princess-perfect games and activities. In Argentina, play Tango Dress Designer—a fab-tastic fashion game that includes designing gorgeous dance dresses with Barbie. In Australia, express your worldly creative side with Wildlife Shutter Snapper—a modeling game that lets you photograph Barbie at a glam magazine photo shoot. In China, become a chef extraordinaire in Supreme Chef—a doll-licious cooking game where you make a traditional (and tasty!) Chinese meal with Barbie. And in Ireland, enjoy Stepdance Heroine—a dance-tastic game that puts you in charge of the music while Barbie stepdances at a 'Feis' to a fab routine. In Brazil, Chile, Holland, Mexico and India, experience the regal fashions and culture of each country with printable paper dolls and coloring pages.

Pack a bag and enjoy traveling through the doll-lightful countries of Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Holland, Mexico, India and Ireland!

Argentina Barbie Doll | Australia Barbie Doll | China Barbie Doll | Ireland Barbie Doll | Mexico Barbie Doll | Holland Barbie Doll | India Barbie Doll | Chile Barbie Doll | India Barbie Doll

Source: Shopaholic World - Fashion & Dress up for girls
Mobile Application (
  • Explore the styles in Milan, Paris, Hawaii, New York and even North Pole to get some inspiration!
  • Mix n match over 1 clothes, hairstyles, and accessories
  • Missions to accomplish each day
  • Complete collections to unlock exclusive items
  • Learn to balance your budget against a daily allowance

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I remember

Playing with my favorites, like Barbie and lite bright, and anything that had to do with art. I had tons of huge stuffed animals, some of which my Papi won me at the Panhandle Southplains State Fair. I loved tinker toys, and lincoln logs, and of course legos!
I only had one next door neighbor that was my age, Christina. We tore up the hood with our bikes(not really, we were only allowed to go to the end of the block, and to the convient store across the alley from our houses). We played alot of board games. It was a sad summer when she moved to Corpus when I was 9.
I never had a horse, but my brother did

THQ Barbie: Jet, Set & Style - Nintendo DS
Video Games (THQ)
  • Curl, highlight, cut and straighten your clients hair
  • Apply makeup to lips, cheeks and eyes to make your clients look their best
  • Paint, file, and apply decals to nails for colorful, fun details
  • Earn fashionista points as you style international clients to gain credibility
  • Doll up Barbie herself for The Global Glam Fashion Show with unsurpassable style
the way barbie girls world should …
the way barbie girls world should …
Barbie Girls Virtual World for Girls
Barbie Girls Virtual World for Girls
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Mattel Barbie Charmed Travels Game
Toy (Mattel)
  • Now girls can experience the magical moments in the life of Barbie
  • Travel all over the world with Barbie in this new board game
  • Collect valuable keepsakes and bracelet charms from Paris to New York
  • The first player to earn a charm of each color and make it back to the Dream House wins.
  • Includes game board, jet player pieces, charms, bracelets and die
Activision Barbie Horse Adventures: Riding Camp - PC
Video Games (Activision)
  • Barbie as a role-playing game - Take the role of Barbie at Riding Camp; develop riding skills, perform a variety of horse care tasks, explore and go on adventures!
  • Quest-based gameplay in an open world - Enjoy the freedom to explore the entire island, compete in time-trials and challenges, earn trophies, medals and ribbons...
  • Customization - clothes and accessories are unlocked as you complete quests
  • 15 different horses to ride - each with their very own personalities, unique qualities and individual skill sets
Mattel Barbie Collector Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen Doll
Toy (Mattel)
  • Based on the hit bestselling book series and film, The Hunger Games
  • The Hunger Games is a New York Times Bestselling, science fiction adventure series written by Suzanne Collins
  • Inspired by Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in the new hit film, The Hunger Games
  • Featured in the costume Katniss wore in the film complete with bow, arrows, quiver and her iconic mockingjay pin
  • A must have doll for Barbie Collectors and Hunger Games fans alike!
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