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I'm a Barbie Girl games - Maiden games for every day

I'm a Barbie Girl games

| | The Escapist  September 4, 2012 – 10:54 am

Despite the fact that sales of Barbie dolls have steadily declined for nearly a decade (with some analysts estimating a 27 percent drop between 2001 and 2004 alone), Barbie recently ranked first on the NPD Group's list of top-selling toy licenses. The doll's reincarnation as a media brand is a big driving force behind her continued longevity. In addition to a highly profitable series of direct-to-DVD animated movies, top-ranking websites and a stable of videogames, Barbie is now at the center of one of the most successful children's virtual worlds to date.

Since its launch in April 2007, has attracted over 14 million members and proclaimed itself the "fastest growing virtual world in history." According to Mattel's press releases, the site attracts 45, 000 new members every day, 85 percent of which are 8- to 15-year-old girls. After a yearlong open beta trial, BarbieGirls recently became one of the first toy-based virtual worlds to adopt a subscription-based revenue model ("BarbieGirls V.I.P., " available at a cost of $5.99 per month as of June, 2008). A much more limited free-to-play version remains available, but the majority of the game's features and activities are now limited to V.I.P. subscribers.

With BarbieGirls, Mattel hopes to cash in on something that the game community has known for some time: Little girls love online games. The world of BarbieGirls itself is a cross between The Sims and virtual paper doll site Stardoll, two properties that have been enormously successful at attracting female players. Combining fantasy play with virtual consumerism, both Stardoll and The Sims place a lot of emphasis on acquiring, creating and displaying virtual items. Similarly, BarbieGirls gameplay revolves around shopping, fashion and home dcor. Just like the doll ...only digital.

Welcome to the Virtual Dollhouse
I started playing BarbieGirls about two months after launch. Admittedly, my initial reaction was less than positive. I was disappointed that a game so heavily focused on style would have such a limited range of avatar customization options. Most avatars end up looking eerily alike - thin, youthful females (there is no such thing as a BarbieBoy) with large heads and delicate facial features. The virtual space was much smaller than I was used to, and I felt encumbered by my avatar's limited range of motion. The mini-games were basic, frustrating and repetitive. The environment was filled with promotions for Barbie products and provided few opportunities for interaction. The "first-ever virtual world designed exclusively for girls, " as the press materials described, appeared to be little more than a souped-up advergame.


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That's a big range.

Kids like to use their imaginations.
Crayons and a pile of scratch paper. Some "scotch" tape and scissors. A glue stick. Tell them to build a robot, or a castle, or something...
Costumes, and/or materials for them to invent their own costumes.
Classic board games. Monopoly when they're old enough. Checkers. Chess. Playing cards - teach them a few games like gin rummy.
Girls like fashion dolls (barbie). Stuffed animals.
Boys like hot wheel/matchbox cars. Toy guns.
Boys like Legos. A huge pile of plain old Lego bricks.

Projected "hot" toys of the 2011

Christmas season........ (by Walmart)
Hasbro Race Along Chuck
Fisher Price Dance n Play Puppy
Hasbro Elmo Rocks
Fisher Price Doras Fiesta Kitchen
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Games and More for Girls
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Playtime for Boys
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Spinmaster RC Real McQueen
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Family Fun
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I'm not "sexualizing"

Do you know anything about kids? Boys chasing girls in the sandbox is perfectly normal, it's been going on like this forever.
One of my cousins is homosexual. I remember him playing Barbie dolls way before puberty, and he would only hang out with girls as early as 6. He would play dolls with them, and all the games girls normally play. He wasn't interested in playing the games I was into, which were more stuff boys do.
I don't see why you needed to make fun of that lesbian. If she's a freak to you, then you're a pretty sad person who needs to learn a thing or two. Or just shut up.

Mattel Barbie I Can Be... Pizza Chef Doll and Playset
Toy (Mattel)
  • Girls can play out the role of pizza chef with themed playset and doll
  • Code inside each package unlocks career-themed content online
  • Special pizza dough spinning element activated by pressing lever in back
  • Playset features fun sights and sounds associated with the career
  • Includes Kelly doll, table with pizza oven, cash register, side table and pizza stool
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Universal Studios Barbie as The Island Princess
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UBI Soft Just Dance Summer Party - Nintendo Wii
Video Games (UBI Soft)
  • Just Dance: Summer Party features easy-to-pick-up on-screen silhouette direction
  • Just Dance to over 20 all-new tracks from the 80 s, 90 s, and today
  • Stay motivated with a mix of high energy dance beats, smooth R&B, salsa, and more to create the perfect summer workout
  • More ways to play, including Dance Battles, Dance Party and the Just Sweat mode which is a workout in disguise
  • The game includes local four-player support, including co-op and versus options
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SNSD Jessica Singing I'm A Barbie Girl HD

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