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Boys and girls Cooking games - Maiden games for every day

Boys and girls Cooking games

Frozen Yogurt Maker - Fair Food Cooking game for Kids, Boys and Girls for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on the iTunes App Store  October 7, 2012 – 11:52 am
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♥♥♥ Do YOU Know ♥♥♥
Kids, boys and girls listen (elders are NOT prohibited as well, by the way); why not have some fun with Frozen yogurt maker or Froyo Maker game, a Brand NEW, Free, Healthy and Nutritious kids game in the iPhone gaming world.
Try FROZEN YOGURT MAKER or FROYO MAKER game and prepare some organic, homemade, Fruity, nutty frozen Yogurt to give yourself a beautiful looking healthy treat.
Do you know that burgers, pizzas, ice cream, potato chips, cupcakes, cookies, cheese puffs, chocolate, candy bars, and the list goes on, all come in JUNK FOOD category. So guys eat healthy, play healthy and live healthy, it’s all game of healthy life, good luck! Have FUN, Have Froyo.
oEasy tap and drag game play
oPlay the tutorial to quickly understand the gameplay
oYou can make your yogurt mouth-wateringly delicious by decorating with hearts, umbrellas, lemons, colorful straws and a lot more to choose from.
oMake it even more beautiful and healthy by adding yummy edible toppings like nutty chocolate, fruits and much more.
oShare with your friends or eat your YUMMY Frozen Yogurt or Froyo
★ How to Play:
-Tap and drag the jug to pour the milk in the bowl
-Put it in the oven to turn it into yogurt
-Add sugar, salt, strawberry/chocolate flavors and other ingredient and stir it
-Add some cheese or whatever you like to make it nutritious and delicious and shake again baby
-Refrigerate it
-Add organic edible toppings and decorative items and that’s it, you are done.
-Show it off to the world.
And don’t worry if you have any trouble making the yogurt or want something more we are always there to help you;
FROZEN YOGURT MAKER is part of our other panorama of games such as Ice Cream Pie Maker, Ice Pop Maker, Ice Candy Maker 2, Amazing Greeting Cards Maker, Kids PicsArt Drawing Maker, Parrot Pet Shop, Auto Car and many more.
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Fun Cool Best Action funny App Games Apps Yummy Burger New Maker Kids Doodle Games - Funny, Cool, Simple, Cartoon Cooking Casual Gratis Apps for All Boys and Girls
Mobile Application (Fun Cool Best Action funny App Games Apps)
  • stand mode with dozens of unlockable achievements
  • 3 additional game modes
  • facebook and twitter function to share your score and compete with friend
  • suitable for everybody from 3 to 17 years

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Having a gamer hub and son I know your pain

It can be frustrating and really piss you off when they seem to lose themselves in a game ignoring the rest of their lives.
First you have to remember, all men are little boys when it comes to games. They never grow up. Games give them an escape. A way they can be the "master of their world".
Sorry but you were wrong to sell his system. I agree he shouldn't have been playing it 24-7 to the exclusion of his family, but to take it from him as if you were his mommy was not the way to handle it.
He sees it as a threat to his manhood. You are treating him like a misbehaving child by taking away his "toy"

Now that is a descent question?

I am a photographer and I enjoy the hell out of that. I am rebuilding a 1960 small window classic VW right now. I enjoy cooking romantic meals for my lady friends. I spend some quality time volunteering at the boys and girls club also my sister is a nurse I enjoy going to nursing homes and reading to old folks. One of my things to do for fun is GAMES like playing cards and some boards. Exercising eating healthy and riding my bike is awesome.

Breakdown of your thoughts

Writing letters -- to all your dead relatives? there are thousands of service people in the middle east who never get mail. They would LOVE to have someone to write to.
chess practice -- only if you have someone to play with very easy to play chess by mail and you have have many games going on at once
cooking -- ok
playing cards -- need a partner lots of solitare games out there
exercise -- running, walking ( in 20 degree weather) you can exercise inside
sex -- need SO no you dont
internet -- costs money there are some free dial-up services if you have basic phone service. or you can scam wifi off of neighbors

Small World Toys Small World Living Toys Young Chef Cookware Set
Toy (Small World Toys)
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