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Cooking Games Girls Only - Maiden games for every day

Cooking Games Girls Only

Play Doras Cooking Game @ Only Girls Games  December 24, 2012 – 01:15 pm
Game for girls 2013 new sara cooking tiramisu recipe online - Play

Description of this free Girls Game: Help Dora with some nice recipes! PLEASE NOTE! - You Should CREATE An Account If You Are Not A Member, Otherwise You Can Only
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Play Doras Cooking Game

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Welcome to Only Girls Games where we have a good selection of girls games for you to play. There are dress up games and makeover games where you can try different styles and fashions. There are also cooking games where you can make different foods. We also have Pet and Horse games. Have fun and enjoy your stay :)


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chess practice -- only if you have someone to play with very easy to play chess by mail and you have have many games going on at once
cooking -- ok
playing cards -- need a partner lots of solitare games out there
exercise -- running, walking ( in 20 degree weather) you can exercise inside
sex -- need SO no you dont
internet -- costs money there are some free dial-up services if you have basic phone service. or you can scam wifi off of neighbors

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I have been playing violent games since DOOM(the original dos version) came out. They dont cause violence.
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