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Girls Cooking Games - Maiden games for every day

Girls Cooking Games

Girl Games Plaza - Games for Girls  October 4, 2012 – 10:37 am
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How to play Cook With Sandy Cake Recipes :

Our little chief, Sandy, is back with a new cool game and other recipes you will certainly love! This time you are going to cook together some delicious and very popular cakes. Join Sandy into her kitchen and follow the recipes to see what are the ingredients needed for each cake. Look around and find all the ingredients Sandy needs for the cake and add them into her bowl. In the end, bake the cake into the oven. Enjoy!


Drag and drop the correct ingredients over the bowl. Select the mixer and drag it over the bowl. Select the cake pan and drag it on the table, then drag the ladle to put the mixture in the pan. Open the oven with a click and drag the cake pan inside. When the cake is baked, click the oven door to open it and finally drag and drop the cake on the table to add the whipping cream.

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Magic the card game

My name is john and i live in new albany and i would like to learn how to play magic. Id like to meet guys or girls of any age who are interested in the game. Im 36 years old but to play the game any age would do. Would like to meet nice people to play magic with. i dont care what you look like or your age im just looking for a new hobby. A little about me im 36 yrs 5'7 a little puggy love 50's to todays music love survival stuff of all kinds, computers, pc games, cooking, play station. and i really would like to have a custom built lightsaber.I love to have fun and i like to dance and i like to travel

I would...

Just have a girls day/night... here are some ideas to get you started:
-Pedicures and manicures (either go somewhere or do it yourself)
-Watch a few chick flicks
-Eat some junk food!
-Play some fun games
-You could incorporate baking/cooking by making dinner or dessert (you could even make a game out of this - who can make the best dish or give people each the same set of ingredients and see who can make the best tasting dish - use your imagination!)
You don't have to go anywhere or do anything huge for your bachelorette party

Fun Games Baking Games
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Cooking Games for Girls
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Get Quality Cooking Games for Girls 12
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