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Y8 Cooking games for Girls - Maiden games for every day

Y8 Cooking games for Girls

Gifts N Games or Cooking  April 11, 2015 – 12:05 pm

There are many kinds of Y8 cooking games that would not be considered cooking games for girls only, but in general, girls are the ones who tend to like to play games like Strawberry Shortcake cooking games. While there are many different kinds of free cooking games for girls online, the place to play cooking games for girls only is definitely Gifts N Games, where there are tons of other game choices, and a great variety of cooking and dress up games for girls. Be sure to check out Gifts N Games for cooking games for girls only now!

Perhaps one of the biggest problems you may have when playing Gifts N Games or cooking games is that you might be feeling hungry as you are playing them. Disclaimer: do NOT play on an empty stomach!! Otherwise, all of the coolgames might not seem so cool after a few minutes…

There are many different types of cooking games for girls only that range from simply preparing the food to timed games that get more difficult as the time progresses. In general, Gifts N Games and Y8 cooking games are not 2 player games or games you play against players online, but rather single player games.

If playing specific games like Strawberry Shortcake cooking games does not interest you, there are many other cool games you can find online at great websites like Gifts N Games. Whether you favor funnygames or timed games, you’ll find that Gifts N Games has every type of cooking game you could ask for!

So take a look at cooking games or Gifts N Games free cooking games for girls online. You will see how you will whip up a scrum- dittily- umcious array of food and fun, all rolled up into one! Get playing, and cooking, right now!


Majesco Sales Inc. Cooking Mama 2: Dinner With Friends - Nintendo DS
Video Games (Majesco Sales Inc.)
  • Improved graphics and real-time effects make you feel like you re actually cooking
  • Recipes progress from simple to complex, from small to large and so do the expectations
  • If you friends think your dish is delicious you ll unlock another new friend
  • Earn bronze, silver and gold medals from Mama based on the quality of your cooking
  • Keep a diary of your best creations and add earned seals to dress it up and share with your in-game friends

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Disney Finding Nemo: Escape to the Big Blue Special Edition - Nintendo 3DS
Video Games (Disney)
  • Enjoy Disneyž Pixar s Finding Nemo movie clips in 3D!
  • Three different game modes:
  • Baggy Mode - Pick one of the Tank Gang that have escaped from the dentist and use the touch screen to roll him. Completing this game will allow the selected character...
  • Mini-Games - Play as Nemo, Marlin or Dory and receive sea tokens when completing the mini-games and buy items from the Interactive Reef. Play over 30 mini-games!
  • Interactive Reef - Players can use their sea tokens they have earned in the mini-games to purchase items in the interactive reef. You are able to enjoy creating...
y8 games cooking
y8 games cooking
y8 cooking game
y8 cooking game
Y8 Games -
Y8 Games -
Mattel Barbie Dream House
Toy (Mattel)
  • Barbie has saved up for a new Dreamhouse and is moving in
  • Hit the kitchen on the first floor to create an amazing meal with the luxe stainless steel appliances and light-up oven
  • Barbie and her guests can use the spacious bathroom that feature kid-activated light-up mirror, flushing toilet and someone singing in the shower
  • Take the elevator to the third floor for even more FAB fun
  • Girls will enjoy having role-playing adventures with Barbie and her friends in her new Dream House
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