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Fashion Girls games for Kids - Maiden games for every day

Fashion Girls games for Kids

Girls Games-Fashion 3 in 1  May 6, 2015 – 04:05 pm
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Fashion Desginer: Super Model

one suits you better? If yes is your answer, then girls, this dress up game is just for you!

In every theme, you can create hundreds of unique combinations/looks with the number of options available. Change the girl's dresses, hairstyles, complexion, bags, shoes, necklaces, belts, earrings and lots more! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, mix, match and create an amazing new look that you will adore. Watch your girl friends go gaga. Play with them and see who creates the best looks.

Create hundreds of gorgeous outfit combinations in this dress up and makeup game

If you like online dress up games and paper dolls, you'll love this game! Create hundreds of gorgeous outfit combinations in this dress up and makeup game. Style your model with a new hairdo and give her a fashion makeover!

"Fashion Designer" can enjoy the dress up by a very simple operation.

Let's transform girl to the pretty fairy princess.

Loads of items to choose from, including:
Model: Skin Color, Hair Style ...
Clothes: Shirts, dress, Shoes ...
Makeup: Lipstick, Eye Color, Eyeshadow ...
Jewelry: Necklaces & Earrings ...
Scenery: Backgrounds, and Bonus Gifts!

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That's a big range.

Kids like to use their imaginations.
Crayons and a pile of scratch paper. Some "scotch" tape and scissors. A glue stick. Tell them to build a robot, or a castle, or something...
Costumes, and/or materials for them to invent their own costumes.
Classic board games. Monopoly when they're old enough. Checkers. Chess. Playing cards - teach them a few games like gin rummy.
Girls like fashion dolls (barbie). Stuffed animals.
Boys like hot wheel/matchbox cars. Toy guns.
Boys like Legos. A huge pile of plain old Lego bricks.

For Duke

I've been meditating on the question of why women in their twenties and thirties seem to be obsessed with all things teen—fashion, slang, gossip, et cetera," says Anastasia Goodstein, publisher of, a marketing website. "The reality is that teen culture has come to define pop culture." As the usual markers of American adulthood—marriage, career, kids—get more and more delayed, the simpleminded distractions of adolescence have extended their grip on the adult brain. Man-children may drag their old skateboards and video games with them into their thirties, but Big Girls needn't bother to cling to the pop culture of their youth

Your welcome. And thanks for the compliment

One of the greatest rewards in life is being truly helpful. So I really appreciate your post.
Here's the game I played that saved my sanity as a sub:
1 whiteboard
1 Marker w/eraser (Kleenex will do)
List of pop culture words kids in age group would know. Eg.: musicians; sports stars; Disney characters; stores; brands; movies; TV shows; stars; geography; toys; games; etc.
As soon as the bell rang, I'd flip over the whiteboard with a word spelled out, but scrambled. The word I'd usually start with would be /loscho/. (school, of course)
I wouldn't say a word

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