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Girlish games for Xbox - Maiden games for every day

Girlish games for Xbox

Best Xbox 360 Games For Girls  August 29, 2012 – 05:36 am
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Kinect Sports

Kinect Sports is great fun and takes advantage of the awesome Kinect with soccer, beach volleyball, bowling, track and field events including hurdles and javelin, boxing and table tennis. This is similar to Wii Sports but Kinect is different and better too and the advantage is that you need no controller so anyone can play AND there is no additional cost for more players!

The games are great and my favourite is soccer which is brilliant fun and you pass the ball down the pitch around the defenders and then go 1 on 1 with the goalie and try to beat him while he tries to save. Add in corners and throws and it gets better. Although you may think girls won't like soccer, most will. But if that does not go it for your girl then how about:

Beach Volleyball - loads of fun too!

Boxing - good and better than the Wii Sports version

Bowling - more realistic than Wii Sports but less fun

Table Tennis - very good

Track and Field - the events include long jump, discus, hurdles, running and javelin which vary a lot between great and a bit lame!

Also the graphics are brilliant and much better than the Wii's and playing with friends is easy and you unlock achievements and outfits for your avatar!


Ltd. Kamio Japan [Disney] Minnie pen case girlish (japan import)
Toy (Ltd. Kamio Japan)
  • Ltd. Kamio Japan

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My mother and her bridal shower games

Anyone else feel weird about the bridal shower and have feelings that you are expected to perform in a sterotypical way?
I feel like people are expecting a "giddy, girlish bride". I don't feel that way at all because I've been with Mr. Celadon for years now and I'm just not that wired about the whole shower thing. I do feel kinda nervous about being the center of attention and having people looking at me, my clothes, my hair (part of the shower games). I feel like I'm going to be on-stage in a way. My mother has already been making comments like "of course you are nervous, you are a Bride!" (with a sort of gush to it)

Here's just a few ideas

Culled from my 3yr old nieces wishlist. Mostly girlish items, but a few unisex:
Thomas interactive railway & trains
games and puzzles for pre-schoolers
Dora's talking house
Cinderella Talking Vanity
Cinderella Play Castle House
Barbie & Kellie ballerina sisters
Polly pockets-Disney characters
Bicycle w/ training wheels / helmet
V-smile by v-tech w/Thomas, Dora or Spongebob games
Playschool puppy surprise
Mommy and me doll and doctor table
Sky dancers
My little pony butterfly island
Fur Real Friends-Any of them

Nakabayashi Co., Ltd. Rose hip series LED path case girlish heart (japan import)
Toy (Nakabayashi Co., Ltd.)
  • body size: W70xD3xH100mm
  • target Gender: unisex
  • The main production country: China
  • JELLYFISH mfg. & OILSHOCK! Designs All right reserved.
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Penguin Parade Shokanju Himeji Mizuki Baka girl heroine figure Penguin Parade Petit Baka to Test to Nendoroid (japan import)
Toy (Penguin Parade)
  • From Baka to Test to fool the popular anime, heroine Founder achiever, conduct Himeji Mizuki is an appearance.
  • Called unexpectedly, production in the image of the moment when I turned around while shy, we express the charm of Mizuki girlish pure.
  • In addition, it comes with alter ego you Diforume summoned s Summon also reproduced in Petit Nendoroid . Please give decorate cute side by side together.
  • State of the product is unopened.
  • About 270mm in height approximately 200mm Length of about 160mm : outer box size
Lacoste Lacoste White And Pink Silicone Ladies Watch - 2010533
Watch (Lacoste)
  • Water Resistance : 3 ATM / 30 meters / 100 feet
  • Analog Display
  • Black Leather Strap
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Pimp My Ride Xbox 360 Gameplay - Hey Girl
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