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Modern Hairstyles For A Stylish Girl  April 3, 2015 – 04:39 am
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Game Description: You are in a famous hair dressing saloon that has all the high-end equipment, hair dyes and hair decorating items. You are going to be a fashionable hairstylist and use all the available items to show your hairstyling talents. When you enter the hairstyling room, you will find a cute little girl sitting in front of a mirror waiting to try all of the 6 different types of modern hairstyles your saloon has recently crafted for stylish girls. You can experiment each of your newly created hairstyles on this girl and see how it looks on her. After trying all the hairstyles, pick the one you think best suits her. Enjoy playing games for girls every day.


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Yes, and speaking of online matchmaking...

Not, but tried New York Matchmaker a few times. Met some nice people, nothing clicked. TimeOutNY's personals are a little more interesting than
SPEAKING of matchmaking, I'm trying to set my friend up. He's an actor with a steady dayjob, doing a show right now. White, 5'10', good shape (does Bikram yoga almost every day and runs), brown hair, good looking fella, smart and well-read, very nice! Lives in upper Chelsea. He likes camping, hiking and the outdoors, movies, computer games and good food, etc...
Okay, who's got a girl for him? Anyone? Here's his picture:

Bweb media Beauty Hair Salon
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  • wash hairs
  • dry hairs
  • cut hairs
  • color hairs
  • accessories hairs
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Forced Haircut - Girl's long hair cut off in …
girls hair cut~in dormitory
girls' hair cut~in dormitory
hair cut girl
hair cut girl
Girls Upsetting Haircut at a Game Show
Girls Upsetting Haircut at a Game Show
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girl haircut
How to Cut a Girl s Hair
How to Cut a Girl's Hair

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