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Girls Games Nails and Hair - Maiden games for every day

Girls Games Nails and Hair

Hair and Nails Games - Dress Up Games  September 4, 2012 – 06:30 am
6 Hollow Legs: A glimpse through our spooky windows

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Ideas for tweener girls birthday party games

I have 10 -10year old girls coming over Saturday for my 10 year old's birthday party to do a cheap version of a Libby Lu party. (Sorry but I won't spend $25 a kid at the mall!)
They'll have lunch, cupcakes/icecream, etc...
We bought colored hair pieces from the Dollar Store, bobby pins for up-dos, head bands, hair clips, sparkles for faces, glitter for hair, press on nails, etc. They'll take turns doing hair, lip gloss and manicures. DH and I willl take a digital pic of each of them then a group shot then burn a cd for them each before they go home.
What I need help with are a few age appropriate games that are fun for 10-11 year old girls that haven't been played a thousand times

I'm the same with girls

I just dont get all that prissy..girl ness. Nails, hair, tanning. Its so much work and for what? Just to look like everyone else? i'll pass on that.
I've always gotten along great with guys and a select few girls. Not that I dont get along with them, I just have different interests and dont mesh with them.
I like playing sports, watching fights, playing outside, talking about real things and having real conversations and skipping the fluff, I dont lie to people and tell them what they want to hear, I tell them the truth dammit! I dont like to play games and mess with peoples heads and I dont like drama!
Thats not to say I dont take care of myself

hair and nails
hair and nails
new hair do and nails
new hair do and nails!!!
Girl on Fire Nails- A Hunger Games Nail …
Girl on Fire Nails- A Hunger Games Nail …

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