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Girls Hairdressing games - Maiden games for every day

Girls Hairdressing games

Hair and Nails Games - Dress Up Games  August 23, 2012 – 11:31 am

What is DRS?

DRS is the virtual Dress Up Mix currency. You need DRS to buy gifts, individual frame, decor profile and other features.

How do I get DRS?

There are several ways to get DRS:

1. REGISTRATION! When you register and finish the account activation, you will get 20 DRS immediately for a good start.

2. INVITE FRIENDS! You get 20 DRS for every successful sing in via your friend invitation. We also give a persons you invited extra 20 DRS when they sing up.

3. SEND GIFTS! Every present made gives you 5 DRS.

4. PLAY GAMES! You will be rewarded with extra 1 DRS for each game you play.

5. RATE GAMES! Every comment written gives you 1 DRS.

6. COMMENT GAMES! Every comment written gives you 1 DRS.

7. ENTER THE CONTESTS! Entering the contest and winning the most votes could get you bulks of DRS.

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Ok. here we go:

Friday night was really fun because i was at this game that's not only intellectually challenging, but gets the creative juices flowing....and i thought i'd dress appropriately for the event -- my jerry garcia tie was a hit and all the girls were giggling at me and trying to grab at it. i,of course, was unruffled, and let them have their games, but tried to stay above it all.
saturday, i was stopped on the street by the premier men's stylist in SF and told that i have fabulous hair and was asked if i would be so kind as to let him pay me for the honor of cutting my hair. i though, sure, why not? and made $100 and got a pretty damned good haircut

GoldenGod Games Star Girl: Spa & Beauty Salon
Mobile Application (GoldenGod Games)
  • Make beautiful hairdressing designs !
  • Use your facial treatments skills !
  • Be a manicure and do amazing nail designs!
  • The more you play more beauty skills your will unlock !
Fun Games Hairdresser Games
Mobile Application (Fun Games)
  • fun games
  • many games in one
  • entertaining

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