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Play Barbie Cute Hairstyle for free online,more Hair Games for girls on  March 11, 2015 – 03:43 pm
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  • My Perfect Scarf Make Up

    In autumn, scarfs are the essential weapons of girls. They not only can keep warm, but also play a decorative role, they make girls look beautiful! There are many ways to tie a scarf, at the same time, it is quite an art to make a perfect scarfs and makeup.

  • Jewelry Design Race

    You will get a jewelry design match. If you really like to design jewelry, pls come here. You could design and do the jewelry as the sample. If computer win you, you will lose! Come on!

  • Halloween Pumpkin Cake

    A fun Halloween themed game where you get to bake pumpkin cake! Mix all the ingredients and put the cake in the oven for this pumpkin filled holiday dish. A favorite food for the American Thanksgiving celebration and also anytime jack-o?lanterns start to be in season it's great to have pumpkin cake.

  • A Big Picnic

    With the fresh air, is it possible to have a big picnic in the forest garden? I think so, that will be a enjoyment in the life. Dress me up with fresh beautiful dress and go to have a big picnic now!

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Barbie wants to try a new Hair Style. Give her an extraordinary hot new look! You have all professional tools in this hairstyle game, which greatest hairstylist might need. Cut her hair, and paint it in bright color, mix make up, match cute accessorizes to find unusual creative Barbie Cool Hair Style. Experiment and enjoy!


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Sooo do you have socks on today ;)

I always wanted to learn how to dance, I bet I would actually drop a % in BF if I took it up. I want to learn Salsa though. Does he do that at all :) OHHHH Your going to get your butt kicked girls are good for more then just dancing :) but thank you very much. Im not perfect at working out. I have only been doing it for 2 years. I know gay guys are better at communication. Thats why I need one thats not so girly more guy type that I can take to football games and stuff :) Not telling me my hair is wrong or something. I would kick your ass at the gym :).. Do you do much weights anyways, or are you just the teachers pet all the time :) Im shocked you dont have your voice mail set up

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