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Hair games 4 Girls

Crazy Real Haircuts game online free  October 1, 2012 – 07:13 am
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Name: Crazy Real Haircuts
Rating: 76.1 / 100 based on 224760 votes

Your bedroom turned into a crazy hair styling salon and you must make crazy haircuts for girls and guys. Crazy Real Haircuts will help you master hair styling skills with original styles created by you. Trim hair, cut it, paint it and make the craziest haircut ever!

The series were a success among players all around the world, everybody got creative and made the crazy haircuts for boys and girls. We are sure you enjoy this game so we recommend you to try our latest release in real haircuts series, Hannah Montana Real Haircuts. It's a celebrity makeover game, the third of the series and it's got lots of new features.

Crazy Real Haircuts has the following words associated with it by the players: makeover, simulation, real haircuts, hair, haircut, hairdresser, hairstyle, real, kids, coiffeur, girlsplay


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I was at that the game

5th row loge seats. Baron Davis loses more games for you than he wins, but he won that game last night (11-16 and that fade away baseline shot to put them up 3 with 40 seconds to go). That black guy with a french name looked damn good. Dunleavy's arms are bigger than his legs, and needs a hair cut. Also, watching the Celtics girls is better than going to a strip club.
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There's more to follow...

10. his new "office" is a room in a residential house right next to his mother's
11. according to Abe, he was homeless for a year and a half as a teenager
12. Abe's natural hair is black but bleaches it blond; he wears a mustache and a short goatee: his hair is quite short
13. Abe is lanky: 6-4 and skinny as a rail he claims to have played basketball in HS: he does have the height and build for it
14. Abe is obsessed with playing fighting games on his XBOX 360 and beating the shit out of the other guys.
This Abe is obsessed with telling tragic tales. I wonder if he is a liar

Bweb media Glam Hair Salon - Hairdresser Games
Mobile Application (Bweb media)
  • hair dryer
  • clipper
  • cisor
  • brush
  • flat iron
  • curling iron

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