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Real hair games for girls - Maiden games for every day

Real hair games for girls

Rapunzel Hairstyle - Girl Games 1  April 20, 2015 – 02:00 pm
A Beautiful Life Pre-Game Spray - Lazy Girl Hair Products - Real

Game Description: A cute smile and incredibly long hair are Rapunzel's greatest assets. No one in her town has such long, luscious hairs. All the girls of her town get astonished every time they see Rapunzel's breathtaking hair. Today she is going to participate in a hair fashion competition, in which all the participants have to wear a beautiful hairstyle. The participant who has the most impressive hairstyle will receive the first prize and the winner will be given a chance to meet the top hairstylists and get the most precious hairstyle makeover from them. Using all the hairdressing tools we have for you, create a winning hairstyle for Rapunzel.


The Game Boss Baby Hair Care Salon
Mobile Application (The Game Boss)
  • Baby and Kids-Friendly easy game play.
  • Nonstop entertainment as long queue of adorable Babies waiting outside.
  • Handful of possibilities of Baby Hair Care with Baby Hair Colors
  • Cut, trim and take care of hair with the scissors electric hair trimmer
  • Baby customers gets satisfied and ask for more tasks.
  • State of the art Baby Salon with all facilities.
  • Contemporary tool kits for real time experience.
  • Share your designs with friends over Facebook
  • Save your hair styles to your phone for future reference

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I'm the same with girls

I just dont get all that prissy..girl ness. Nails, hair, tanning. Its so much work and for what? Just to look like everyone else? i'll pass on that.
I've always gotten along great with guys and a select few girls. Not that I dont get along with them, I just have different interests and dont mesh with them.
I like playing sports, watching fights, playing outside, talking about real things and having real conversations and skipping the fluff, I dont lie to people and tell them what they want to hear, I tell them the truth dammit! I dont like to play games and mess with peoples heads and I dont like drama!
Thats not to say I dont take care of myself

Gift suggestions

Hi my frugal friends!
I'm donating xmas gifts to teens (boys/girls) and want to add to the stuff that I have. I have a dozen book bags (new never used), nail polish, hair spray, shampoo, makeup sets and other stuff (mostly female) from goodie bags.
Any suggestions for guys? I'm adding makeup stuff to my sets to the girls (lipgloss -- Not real makeup).
I was thinking maybe small board games?

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