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If you're looking for free online games for girls then welcome to Glitter Games, where you'll find hundreds of the best online games for girls. All our games are fun, free and safe, with no violence, no chat facilities and no registration. Just choose your game and play instantly for free. With no registration, all our games are free. As well as being able to play online games for free, choosing from hundreds of the most popular categories, you can be sure that all our games are child friendly and safe. We've compiled the best free online games for girls, offering children a fun, safe environment, and parents a reassuring place for children to play, learn and enjoy themselves.


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Princess Summer Hair Girl Games
Princess Summer Hair Girl Games
free online party games for girls
free online party games for girls

I'm the same with girls

I just dont get all that prissy..girl ness. Nails, hair, tanning. Its so much work and for what? Just to look like everyone else? i'll pass on that.
I've always gotten along great with guys and a select few girls. Not that I dont get along with them, I just have different interests and dont mesh with them.
I like playing sports, watching fights, playing outside, talking about real things and having real conversations and skipping the fluff, I dont lie to people and tell them what they want to hear, I tell them the truth dammit! I dont like to play games and mess with peoples heads and I dont like drama!
Thats not to say I dont take care of myself

Gift suggestions

Hi my frugal friends!
I'm donating xmas gifts to teens (boys/girls) and want to add to the stuff that I have. I have a dozen book bags (new never used), nail polish, hair spray, shampoo, makeup sets and other stuff (mostly female) from goodie bags.
Any suggestions for guys? I'm adding makeup stuff to my sets to the girls (lipgloss -- Not real makeup).
I was thinking maybe small board games?

Mattel Disney Princess Enchanted Hair Rapunzel Doll
Toy (Mattel)
  • Rapunzel s hair is now enchanted so girls can enjoy color change play without water
  • Using the magic UV light wand, her hair changes from blond to purple
  • Also, reveal hidden icons on her cheeks, plus chameleon Pascal s stripes
  • Wand features additional stencil to create fun shapes on her hair
  • Includes Rapunzel doll, Pascal, brush, light wand and 3 stencil caps
sexy Purple Asain girl with Curly hair- …
sexy Purple Asain girl with Curly hair- …
Eva s Hair Studio - Hair Games
Eva's Hair Studio - Hair Games
How to wash little girls hair with less tangles
How to wash little girls hair with less tangles
Running Press Kids Hair Magic: Fun Stuff To Unlock And Share (Girl's Club)
Book (Running Press Kids)
Mattel Disney Princess Royal Style Studio Playset
Toy (Mattel)
  • The Royal Style Studio is the perfect princess hair salon
  • Put your favorite princess on the swivel base and get styling
  • Compartments on the base hold icy-cold water for color-change
  • Specially designed for Disney Princess Royal Style Hairplay small dolls
  • A great gift that any girl is sure to love
Ty TY Girlz - ROCKIN RUBY **Rare Blonde Version** (retired) (12.5 inch)
Toy (Ty)
  • Rockin Ruby is Retired!
  • This version has blonde hair!
  • Comes with Secret Code
Sue Enquist - "Mental Game" (part 5 of 5)‪
Sue Enquist - "Mental Game" (part 5 of 5)‪
Braids for little Curly Sue - Curly Sue …
Braids for little Curly Sue - Curly Sue …
How to play a Girl Game
How to play a Girl Game

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