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Dress up Horse Games for Girls - Maiden games for every day

Dress up Horse Games for Girls

Horse Dress Up Games  February 19, 2013 – 12:03 pm
UNICORN DRESS UP - Online Shoping
Imagine a world filled with pure love, grace, beauty and honest souls. This site will take your breath away and won every gentle heart. Its created for the little angels, who know the meaning of true love. But not only the youngest can enjoy and be happy while playing these games. Everyone else, without exception, is invited to spend wonderful moments with these magnificent horses. Let your fantasy free and feel the magic around you. The choices are endless, so you can have fun and never get bored. Discover all beautiful colors and dress up cute ponies, glamorous unicorns and all other magical horses. Visit us when ever you can and dont forget to tell your friends about the extraordinary games you find out here each day, because there is always a new arrival and a challenge. We exist for you, because you and your child deserve only the best!


Bweb media White Horse Princess - Dress Up Games
Mobile Application (Bweb media)
  • Change outfits with super-cute dresses, shirts, skirts, and shoes.
  • Princess and white horse dress up lovers
  • Shake the device for radom outfits

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I'm the same with girls

I just dont get all that prissy..girl ness. Nails, hair, tanning. Its so much work and for what? Just to look like everyone else? i'll pass on that.
I've always gotten along great with guys and a select few girls. Not that I dont get along with them, I just have different interests and dont mesh with them.
I like playing sports, watching fights, playing outside, talking about real things and having real conversations and skipping the fluff, I dont lie to people and tell them what they want to hear, I tell them the truth dammit! I dont like to play games and mess with peoples heads and I dont like drama!
Thats not to say I dont take care of myself

Gift suggestions

Hi my frugal friends!
I'm donating xmas gifts to teens (boys/girls) and want to add to the stuff that I have. I have a dozen book bags (new never used), nail polish, hair spray, shampoo, makeup sets and other stuff (mostly female) from goodie bags.
Any suggestions for guys? I'm adding makeup stuff to my sets to the girls (lipgloss -- Not real makeup).
I was thinking maybe small board games?

Play Dress Up Games for Girls Online - …
Play Dress Up Games for Girls Online - …
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Rubies Rubies Let's Pretend Collection Western Diva Costume, Small
Toy (Rubies)
  • Little cowgirl costume dress with attached vest and belt
  • Hat, boots and hair ties sold separately by Rubies Costume Company
  • Child Small designed for children 44 to 48-Inch tall, waist sizes 25-26
  • Great for Halloween, play time or costume party
  • Rubies Costume Company is the world leader at making dress up fun
Kaufcom GmbH Talking Mary the Baby Fairy (Free)
Mobile Application (Kaufcom GmbH)
  • Talk with Mary and he will repeat everything you say
  • High quality 3D graphics
  • Cool voice interaction
  • Magic Piano with singing pixie
  • Many different animations
  • Amazing soundboard with many funny sounds: animals, gun, drums, scream, etc.
  • Fun extra content: Games, photo functionalities, paint, etc.
Mattel Disney Princess Swirling Lights Cinderella Doll
Toy (Mattel)
  • Inspired by the classic Disney animated film, Cinderella
  • Girls will love recreating their favorite scenes from the movie
  • Cinderella is dressed in an iconic blue gown with matching necklace
  • Press her necklace to play a song as twinkling lights travel up and down her dress
  • A great gift that any Cinderella fan is sure to love
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