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Girl Riding her Pony Game - Pony Games  November 18, 2012 – 07:50 am
Horse Events At Forrestel Summer Camp For Girls
Girl Riding her Pony Game Info :
Girl Riding her Pony - A nice little girl is riding her lovely pink pony. You are required to help them complete all levels and get the best time score ever. Press right arrow key to accelerate; left arrow key to slow down; and Space Bar to jump over an obstacle. Are you gonna jump over an obstacle depends a lot of your speed. If youre riding your pony too fast you may not see the upcoming obstacle on time and thus crash into it. On the other hand, if youre riding the pony too slow you wont be able at all to jump over an obstacle. However, the conclusion of the above said is that you must be very careful, and a reason more is that you have only four chances for all levels. Lose them all and the game will be over. Sometimes it seems like its almost impossible to complete the level without crashing into a certain obstacle, so try to remember which obstacle is coming next while running by replaying a level. Have fun with Girl riding the Pony and enjoy the ride

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