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Glitter Makeup Best Girls Game for Android

The boys play way too many games online. But hey, the girls can have as much fun as they want, too! After all, there are free makeup games for girls of all ages here on this page. You can learn to put on makeup on cartoon characters or real-life celebrities! ...

If you want to put makeup on Hayden Panattiere, you can! One of the makeup games here allows you to apply blush, lipstick, and eye makeup on Hayden. You can even scrub her skin to remove oiliness. You can even use soap on her face before you start putting makeup on her. A face mask is also available if you want her skin to look amazing. But if you prefer to put makeup on another celebrity, how about going for Ryan Gosling? You can choose his eyewear, choose his clothes, and even put lipstick on him. Try to make him look camera-ready and see if you do better than your friends after you share the game with them. If you don't like giving makeovers for celebrities, you can try playing Zodiac Makeover instead. You can choose hairstyles, foundation, eye color, and even eyebrows. Have fun giving makeovers for everyone!


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After looking around online a few games that sound fun are...
1. Headband "dodge ball" : You buy a bunch of those cheap stretchy headbands and they try to tag each other out of the game by shooting the headbands at each other.
2. Makeup drawing: buy a whole bunch of cheap makeup and have the girls draw pictures using the makeup (variation of this, NO hands! I think q-tips and cheap makeup applicators would work best).
3. Cottonball race: Try to transfer as many cottonballs from one bowl to another with a spoon while blindfolded. Another variation of this is to have an "egg race" only use cotton balls instead

Avatars are more than what I...

Was expecting.
there are multiple options for all body parts, hair, facal hair, hats, all clothing, shoes, even gloves! makup for girls and then theres skin colour, hair and eyebrown colour(seperate) and lots of options for facail features, choose your nose, mount, eyes, eye brows, lips, makeup, ears, hair, glasses, piercings ect ect.
lots of options for launch, I read online and first in OXM that some games might in the future offer new clothing styles, new styles, cloths, and other avatar seasonal goodies and more.

Bitten by the kink bug in the flea pit

For me its the movies.
It had always been there being tall over fond rough and tumble games with girls and boys.
But the first realisation was at fifteen with the rape scene in Straw Dogs. Still controversial today
but back then it thrilled me all the way to my thriller even more than Shirly Eden sprayed gold in Goldfinger.
Before the extra sensitive feminists call to arms I was aware at fifteen I was watching actors as I was aware at eight that Shirley Eden was covered in makeup not car spray. Suzanne George was not raped but artfully appeared to be. In bed alone that night my whole body fizzed to pretend to be that bad with a woman WOW!What naughtieness what dirty fun what play.

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The Hunger Games Makeup - Girl on Fire
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Get Ready With Me: Boy to Girl Makeup …
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Hunger Games Makeup Tutorial "Girl on Fire"

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